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Bamboo Resources

There are about 1200 species of bamboos in the world, they are mainly distributed between 40 degree south and north latitude. Among them, the best one for making floor and plywood is called "Moso", scientific name is Phyllostachys Pubescens, which mainly distributes in south China. It now has totally about 4 million ha. bamboo forest, which the average yield per ha. per year is 150 poles (diameter>95mm). In the production, average 2.5 poles can be made for one square meter (10.75square foot) bamboo floor, that is each year about 240 million square meter bamboo floor could be output if all the resources is utilized! It was estimated the output of bamboo floor and bamboo plywood in China was about 12 million square meter (based on 15mm thickness) in 2007.
Bamboo growth and harvest
Moso in China

To make bamboo forest growing well, each year you have to cut either shoots or poles, alternatively year by year (in most areas of bamboo forest), to maintain certain bamboo in the area. The harvesting quantity each year, either shoots or poles is 10% to 20% of the total bamboo. Bamboo grows from bamboo shoot to its final diameter and height only takes 2 to 3 months, after that it grows its body harder. A mature bamboo pole needs 5 to 6 years of living, which has the best quality.
Bamboo floor structure and its Features
The distribution of bamboo (Moso) fibers
Shrinkage and expansion
The numbers of fiber from outside to inside are gradually decreased, the quantity of fibers rate is 6:2:1 (outside to middle to inside). The more close to outside, the higher quality of bamboo material. This is why we always use bamboo outside as the "face".
The tangent of bamboo strip has the biggest shrinkage or expansion, the radial is the second, the height is the smallest, the rates are 4.5%, 3%, 0.32% respectively. This shows the vertical floor is more stable than horizontal

The shrinkage or expansion of inside wall is almost the double of outside skin, this is the reason when bamboo strips are dried, all strips are introflexion. This is why we design the structure of symmetry.
1.vertical bamboo floor
Bamboo strips are glued together along radial, strips are face to face (pole's outside) and backside to backside (pole's inside) glued together.
2. horizontal
horizontal floor is made by two methods, that is one time hot press to form the plank and two times hot press to form the plank. One time forming is widely used by the manufacturers, two times forming is normally applied for across laminated plank or some special width of floors (width of 96mm is standard)
The structure of one time forming:
5-5-5: three layers are all used with 5 pieces of bamboo strip. It's the simplest way to process horizontal floor, one time hot press to form the plank, and strips are only one width of 20.5mm.
5x5x5: all three layer are same wide strips (20.5mm), except middle layer is added a half wide (12.3mm) strip to make glue line detached.
5-6-5: top and bottom layers are used with 5 pieces of 20.5mm wide strips, middle layer is used with 6 pieces of 17.1mm wide strips.
5xHx5: cross laminated, all three layers are horizontal, must be two times forming.
5-V-5: middle layer is vertical, all three layers laminated parallelly.
5xVx5: middle layer is vertical, cross laminated, must be two times forming.

Two times forming is first time to press single layer, the second time is to glue single layers together. Two times forming is able to build all structures here. Compare one time forming and two times forming, the two times has higher quality of gluing. Compare different structure, across laminated has advantage to make wide floor plank.
3.Strand woven
is made by irregularly bamboo slices, random mixed with glue, than to be pressed by high pressure (50-60kg/, vertical and horizontal floor are pressed with 15-20kg/, under this high pressure, bamboo is compressed, so the density of the material is very high, it's about 1.1g/cm3 , the hardness along with density is much better than vertical and horizontal, and the shrinkage and expansion rate is less than vertical and horizontal as well.
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