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      Directly import and sell
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Bamboo countertop in hot sell...
Our 5-layer bamboo countertops have four popular model options: vertical carbonized, vertical natural, strand woven carbonized and tiger. And two different sizes: 4' x 8' and 25.6" x 8', the thickness is 1.5".
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Modern bamboo products (bamboo flooring and bamboo plywood) were starting from 1980's, Brightbamboo is one of earliest developers of bamboo products in China, from develop new bamboo products (patented three bamboo products) during 1988 to 1997 to manufacture them during 1997 to 2003, Brightbamboo accumulated abundant experience about bamboo and its products. From 2003 Brightbamboo began to do the importation and sell bamboo products in Canada. With his knowledge and experience, Brightbamboo always selects best quality bamboo products with a competitive price to serve the customers.
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